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Creating Value

Since 1965

Al Busaidi Group is a family-run business located in Oman, founded in 1965. We have witnessed continual expansion and development over time with our enterprises extend to the Middle East, Africa & East Asia. We have a presence in various industries such as Real Estate, Textiles, Fashion, Trading, Interior Design, Coffee production & Café's. Our team is united with the ambition to provide exceptional customer service and memorable brand experiences.

The Aroma Story

What We Do

The Aroma Story

with Experience

With our team's experience in various economic cycles, we are able to pinpoint the best prospects. Robust markets offer expansion to our investments and declines render unforeseen chances. Our tactics are straightforward and evident, taking into consideration that the global economic climate is always changing.

People Focused

At the core of our organization, we are a values-driven collective that is unwavering, passionate, and unified in our pursuits. We are guided by a philosophy that is propelled by a progressive, entrepreneurial spirit.

Al Busaidi Group Careers
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