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Al Busaidi Group

Empowerment through Style

Mona has become a legendary label for crafting classic, effortless, and indispensable women's apparel. We have established the signature brand as a go-to for all types of female customers over the years. Apart from customized designs, we also supply the world's top-notch textiles.

Al Busaidi Group
Al Busaidi Group

MONA vows to help women feel empowered and motivated every time they put on one of our pieces. Our designs are tailored to any event, making sure to create unforgettable memories.

Al Busaidi Group Mona Fashions


Our personnel are trained to provide customers with the opportunity to express their own individual fashion sense. We offer personalized styling services, introducing customers to pieces that are specifically curated for them. Our vast selection of fabrics enables us to create customized looks that have been crafted to perfectly suit each person.


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