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Responsible Businesses

As a family business focused on long-term success, we are aware of the need to operate responsibly and sustainably. There's lots of ways we contribute:

Al Busaidi Group


We strive to use energy and natural resources as judiciously as possible. Our goal is to minimize any negative impacts that our operations, products, or services might have on the environment.

The Aroma Story


Ensuring the wellbeing of all is our principal concern. As we carry out our operations, we strive to create safe and hazard-free environments for our personnel and customers.


Our daily behavior, actions and decisions are all based on our values, which are the foundation of our ethical standards. It is essential to consider these values when making any type of decision.

Al Busaidi Group Textiles


We endeavor to have a constructive effect on the societies in which we do business. This includes offering job openings and having a beneficial effect on the local economies, as well as being involved in the community through philanthropic activities and educational programs.

Al Busaidi Group
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